Wanna burn more fat in 2018?  There are some sure-fire ways to torch it, if you are consistent – and patient.  Yes, I said patient.  It’s not a bad thing.

It seems everyone wants the quick fix these days.  Fast is how we live.  It’s what we want.  But it’s not how our bodies work.  When we don’t get fast results – we feel discouraged, disappointed, even depressed. Then we find ourselves back where we started with our problems, or worse.   It’s not a good cycle.  In fact, it’s harmful.

Research shows that by mid February, many have abandoned their New Year’s weight loss resolutions.  My theory is that goals are abandoned because they were not realistic in the beginning.  The human body is a fantastic creation – a masterpiece – a finely- tuned machine that is super sensitive to each kind of energy or fuel with provide it.  The body reacts to how we live and move, and to our life situations and stress.  When making changes, especially ones that are a significant departure from your norm (think – decreasing your sugar intake), the body often says “hold on just one minute.”

Instead of getting down on your personal “body masterpiece”, think, “I’m going to allow my body some time to adjust to my new ways.”  Think, “I’m going to be consistent with this new habit long enough for my body to accept it – and then thrive with it.”

It is super important not to get down on yourself during the initial stages of implementing healthy changes.  When you tackle these changes with just hard core will power, but little understanding and patience, that is where many of us ultimately fatigue from the effort and quit.

Take a look at this article about The Best New Year’s Resolutions For Burning Fat from MyFitnessPal.  The tips are excellent and strategic and when implemented, over time, deliver a wealth of health benefits. http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/the-best-new-years-resolutions-to-burn-fat/

Hang in there with your goals.  Examine them to be sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.  Give your body some love as you make the healthy adjustments.  In the end, your body will love you back for it.