Nutrition and Well Being – Courses and Services

Losing weight is just a tiny part of overall well-being and making lasting changes that will impact your health for years to come takes motivation and commitment.  I’m ready to help you achieve all that you hope for in the area of healthy transformation.  I can equip you with what you need to cement your new healthy attitude and implement changes that help you live the life of purpose and health that you want, and more importantly, I will help to assure you feel your very best in the years ahead.  Whether you need a quick jump start, or you are ready for a total makeover, I’m ready to be your coach!  My programs are offered on line for your convenience and they change from time to time.  Please subscribe to the email list to always stay informed about resources that can support you in all your goals for well-being.

Monthly Support — $59.00

  • “Launch Your Transformation” Discovery Call with Shannon
  • Assessment/intake online interview
  • Food Journal Review and Analysis and Feedback
  • Recommendations on personal goals
  • Targeted support for skills, practice and achieving goals
  • Simple healthy recipes and tips and tricks
  • Unlimited Email support with Q&A
  • 20 minute personalized coaching call every other week.

Healthy Working Life — $149.99

  • Comprehensive 14 Day On Line Course Like No Other
  • Feel Your Best in Mid Life and the Years Ahead
  • Time for a Healthy Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Start Today for Your Best Tomorrow!  For Course Details, please visit here!