Change takes time.  If you are a mature working woman, you know this is true.  Nothing worthwhile is easy, although solutions may still be simple.  Even though we know better, most of us take the quick fix to weight loss if it seems reasonable and readily available.  By the time women reach their 40’s or 50’s, if they carry any excess weight, most have tried at least a dozen different diets and/or weight loss pills.

We get short term results, we enjoy the short term victory, and then something “unclicks”.  The weight of schedules, stress, and general ups and downs of life bring the pounds creeping back, then some.

When will we finally accept that there really is not short term solution?  A healthy sustainable approach to food is going to take some “de-coding” and time.

If the current solutions we see constantly marketed on television and on the web were working for the long term, the diet and fitness industry would not be continuing to grow while the American people continue to get heavier.  Did you know that North America has the highest average body mass in the world and more than 70% of the population falls into the overweight to obese ranges? (HealthLine) For women in the United States, age 40-59, 42% are obese according to recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

Quick fixes don’t work.  Changing your lifestyle does.  You can take steps to change your health habits one or two simple habits at a time.  For example, swap dessert for fresh fruit at your meals.   The fiber and low calories are a great alternative to something sugary and void of nutrition.  Or, finally pay attention to all the “hype” about water.  Drinking 8 glasses of water a day supports the body in an amazing way!  Everything from boosting metabolism to healthier skin – the water hype it true!

These are just two easy habits that over time will make a difference.  Once the new behavior replaces the alternative bad habit – you have begun to “de-code”.  Take time to evaluate where your bad habits are lurking.  Most bad habits have a simple nutritional swap or effective behavioral modification.  Talk to your Salt & Light (  nutrition coach about your personal habits and lifestyle.  Share your obstacles and struggles and explore solutions.  A great coach can make all the difference in a laser focus for finding your solutions and in supporting you along the way in making those new habits stick!