Hi everyone!  I’ve been thinking about one of my common weight loss pitfalls at work.  Maybe you know this one?   Its late afternoon on a work day and your stomach is asking “did we even eat lunch today?”  You think for a moment, and then, back to your stomach, say, “hello!??  duh? We had a lunch meeting at the Chinese restaurant downtown.”  Given this, you wonder: “then why in the heck am I so hungry?”  You know you’ve planned to work into the evening today, so that means getting home to a late dinner.  Panic, hungry, panic.  You think “It’s going to be really late before I can eat dinner.  I’ve got to find something to eat now.”

At this point, you aren’t even picky.  Chips, soda, candy machine – it doesn’t matter.  You’re tired.  You have a few more hours to put in before you even leave the office – so you think, “Just give me some fuel.”

This happens to the best of us.  It’s a key reason why we working women should plan ahead.  You probably plan lots of things already.  Working women generally multitask like a pro.  You can bet most of us think ahead if our kids are going to be hungry while traveling, or delayed somewhere, or at an event?  We don’t want that hungry-kid breakdown scenario and we avoid it at all costs!  And, what about the husband?  Same thing.  Many working women who know they are working late make some provision, or at least a “heads up” to the significant other that “hey, here’s the deal on dinner tonight, I’m working late.”

But do we make these provisions for ourselves?  Often, not.  Why is that?  Well, I imagine we all have different specific reasons, but in general, we just get so busy that we seem to put our basic needs on a low priority list and push through to take care of all our other responsibilities.  Finally, though, this tends to run down our tanks to empty.  Not only are we not sticking to our healthy habits and good nutrition, we are completely run down and feel like crap.

Give yourself every opportunity to do what you know is helpful for attaining your goals.  The work scenario above is not uncommon.  It’s going to happen again.  Be prepared for it.  Eat a healthy lunch that has good lean protein and some healthy fats to fuel you completely into the late afternoon.  Keep some apples, oranges, almonds, or low fat cheese sticks in your fridge at work for a healthy snack when panic hits.  Eat smart to avoid the afternoon crash, and plan ahead for a healthy rescue snack if the crash does happen.

Take a look at these Protein Packed Lunch Ideas You Can Bring to Work from Fitness Magazine.  Be prepared, be well and have a great week!  https://www.fitnessmagazine.com/recipes/lunch/protein-packed-lunch-ideas/?page=0