Lots of people report, “I just can’t seem to stay motivated and energized for long on a diet and I always feel restricted and my mind REBELS. So, I just end up eating anything and everything that tastes good at the time.”

Diets just don’t work.  Let’s face it.  They never did for me or for anyone I know.  Sure, you can drop a few pounds or maybe even lots of weight, but finally the real world and life settles back in and a person just cant stay so regimented forever!  That’s why a healthy lifestyle with great habits and a “healthy mindset” is so critical to living a healthy way.  We all want changes that we are happy about and that bring results without feeling deprived, stressed about food and calories, or exhausted from the need for constant willpower.

I tell people to start changing their mindset with one simple question every time they want to eat something.  The question is “what’s in it for me?.”  Its an easy declaration that you are putting yourself first with a question that is often taboo.  OK, so I’m not saying you become a crazed self-centered person who is always looking for something for themselves at the expense of others.  But I am saying that this one method of eating more “mindfully” can cause you to stop and ask yourself about food choices.  Begin to see the food as both nourishment and as satisfaction and try to determine its value on both ends of the spectrum.  There will be times that you decide, “Ok, there is not much in this that is nutritious for me, but I sure want it anyway.”  That’s OK.  Even if you choose to go ahead and indulge, you have given yourself a mental exercise to DECIDE to enjoy the food.  Just going through the exercise may possibly result in your indulging in a smaller amount than normal.  And guess what, you won’t always indulge.  The act of asking the question will present alternatives and suggest to the brain that you are FREE to make another choice – a better choice.

Let’s say you have a choice for dessert: a store bought iced cup cake or a bowl of fresh berries with home made real whipped cream?  Assuming  you like berries,  if you ask yourself “what’s in it for me?” – that might be just enough to sway you to choose the berries and cream.  And believe me, that is a HUGE decision and much better for your body.  Making several decisions like this over the course of a year will have substantial health benefits for you!  Here’s another example  – you are dining out and you really want a hamburger.  The restaurant is known for delicious jumbo burgers with a variety of toppings.  Ask yourself the question before you order – WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME? – and proceed from that point.  Maybe your order goes like this: one grass fed beef hamburger with lettuce and tomato and pickle and onion and avocado.  Wow, you are getting tons of protein, amino acids, vitamin B12 and potassium and even fiber from the avocado!  When the burger arrives, ask yourself about the bun – what’s REALLY IN THIS FOR ME? Why fill up with the bread when you can enjoy the burger?  And when ordering the side dish – do you know what to do?  Fries?  Onion rings? Salad? WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? 

i promise, putting  yourself first in these situations and giving your body first consideration and love when thinking about choices will make a difference.  You will make some compromises that maybe you haven’t in the past and lean a little more toward healthy choices more often.  And – you will feel good about it!  You will feel empowered! And no matter what you ultimately decide to eat, you will feel confident that the choice was mindful and with intent – rather than emotional, or a response to craving or out of some meal plan restriction.

So go ahead – BE SELFISH when it comes to what you put in your body and toward meeting your health and weight loss goals! It’s the best kind of selfish for sure!

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