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Getting Started

I have tried a lot of diets, why is coaching different?

Some of the world’s best athletes and performers read and study about their craft. What is the best way to pitch a baseball? How to perform the perfect golf swing? Can’t I watch a video and learn how to do it? This approach provides accurate information, but doesn’t come close to the benefits of a personal coach. A coach gets to know you, your strengths and weaknesses and provides you with unbiased support. A good coach can provide insight, suggestions and explanation to you that is a perfect fit. And when the going gets tough, you have a real person to relate to. Other models just can’t compare.

My doctor has given me some food guidelines to follow, can you help?

Yes, I can support you in 100% compliance with your physician’s or dietician’s dietary guidelines. Our work will be focused on good habits and finding ways to consistently comply with your doctor’s protocols.

What happens on a discovery call and coaching call?

The brief discovery call will be to get to know you and what you want to accomplish in either the 12 week plan or in ongoing monthly coaching. We will what has worked for you in the past and what has not worked so well. We will schedule a convenient time for the call. Depending on what we have been working on, we can discuss your success, answer any questions, and make modifications. Each coaching call will have a weigh-in update, or other measurable updates. We will check in about following good habits consistently. We will go over food journals that you have kept up and talk about your highs and low’s for the week. Remember, we are looking for lasting change and consistency is key.

What To Expect

Can I still eat my favorite foods?

No foods are completely off limits! Of course, we will work together to identify the foods you should eat most often and talk a lot about portion control. No food is bad or good; it’s just about what is most nutritious and what fuels your body best most of the time.

Can I expect to lose weight without killing myself with exercise?

Yes, however, we will discuss your activity levels and what you can do and what you might enjoy trying. Good nutrition is critical to your long term health and wellness goals. Exercise is very good for you too. We will work together to find a reasonable balance that works for your life.

Will I have to eat weird food, take supplements and buy products I don't like?

Never. We can discuss supplements, if you wish, particularly, if we identify some that can help you. The grocery items we will use are readily available in your local grocery store. I will suggest that you explore new foods and try new recipes to keep things yummy and interesting.

I am super busy and stressed at work, will this work for me?

Yes, this was designed for you! I will work with your schedule and get to know your work habits, sleep habits, and support systems to maximize my ability to support you. We will talk about stress and try to minimize its impact on your health!  As a professional woman, you spend a big majority of your time at work. Your nutrition plan has to fit with your lifestyle.


How is payment made?
What if I want to cancel?


How is payment made?

The service menu allows for sign up of your choice of programs and will link you to a PayPal screen to enter your credit card information. Monthly payments will be automated via PayPal. If you prefer to make a one time total lump sum (entire term) payment by check, please contact me to discuss. Recurring monthly payments are not permitted by check.

What if I want to cancel?

If you are on a monthly coaching plan, you can cancel anytime with no obligation.