Happy New Year Ladies!  Welcome to Hungry Working Women – a blog site product of Salt and Light Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching.  Three powerful words wouldn’t you agree?  You mean, like Happy New Year?  Well, yes, but I really meant the words Hungry, Working, Women.  Why is it that lots of us are ready and willing to make those healthy resolutions leading into the New Year, but it doesn’t take us long – in fact sometimes as early as January 2 – to have a melt down?  Take this scenario for example, “It’s the first day back to work – we find ourselves surrounded by coworkers in the coffee break room recounting our holiday festivities while we scarf down a box of the local bakery’s luscious chocolate doughnuts.  Ugh!  Heading down the hall to a morning meeting, we think, why did I eat that?”  We have eaten way too much every single day since Thanksgiving and somehow in one morning, we can blow every bit of that resolution.  Sound familiar?  Well, that just reflects the first word – Hungry.

Hungry is powerful.  Food is so much more that just fuel for our bodies.  Our society celebrates it, our families gather around it, social media and network television highlight it, and it often seems that getting food – and lots of it – is the center of work, and play and everything we do. It’s always an irony to me how delicious food can be so comforting and yet, like lots of things, in excess, can be so harmful.  There are lots of reasons why this is the case.  One reason – we don’t really know what’s in that doughnut, or if we do, we don’t really think about what happens to it once it is in our system, digested and utilized by our body.  Knowledge is a powerful weapon against hungry.  Armed with knowledge about additives that cause cravings and addictions, substances in food that create chemical reactions that slow metabolism, and unhealthy food habits that leave us full of calories and yet nutritionally tapped out – we gain a huge advantage to fight off hunger.

Let’s not forget the next two important words, Working Women.  Working women accomplish some amazing feats on a daily basis.  There are tons of successful women out there running companies, and running homes and families.   Every one of them can do at least 10 things at once; they can handle a crisis, nurture a loved one, laugh with a colleague and plan dinner without missing a beat.  Want my theory on why they eat the doughnut?  They haven’t decided NOT to eat the doughnut.  There is a lot to unpack in that one sentence.  We will do that in this blog over the next several weeks.  Until then, be thinking not only about those healthy resolutions, but about how you are READY to conquer them.  Give your mind time to think about the priorities in your life and where your health and nutrition may fall in that spectrum.  If you have already experienced the January 2 blunder and seeing it as a stumbling block, don’t.  Take the same focus and energy you apply to your family and career and make a plan, get mentally ready for your most important new project in 2018.  It’s you, Hungry Working Woman!

Extra food for thought:  check out this great article by MyFitnessPal for the 11 Most Common Weight-Loss Blunders Dietitians See: http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/common-weight-loss-blunders-dietitians-see/