My Coaching Approach

Getting Started

My personal style to coaching brings a wealth of resources to you as you pursue your health and nutrition goals. As we work together, you will be provided with regular contact via phone, email and Skype (if desired) to keep you on track and encouraged as you make healthy changes. I believe it’s important for me to understand your personal story and I will be attentive to learn what has worked for you in the past, your food preferences, your struggles, your work demands, and your support systems.

Having 25 years experience and success as both a Chief Executive Officer and a Human Resource Executive in large organizations, I understand how pursuing accomplishments at work can shadow over personal health goals; and how personal health goals give way to family commitments. As your coach, I can help you avoid the pitfalls of a work and a life out of balance.

Initial Consultation & Nutrition Goals

Starting with an introductory call, we will dive into a thorough assessment of your current nutrition and lifestyle habits. We will  spend time talking about meal preferences, meal planning, whole foods and nutrient dense foods. We will focus on one or two solid health habits to gain consistency before we build on others. We will celebrate successes along with way!

You will benefit from the wealth of information I can share and strategies that have been scientifically proven to get results. Together we can explore healthy options that support your goals. Having a personal coach and mentor is far better than searching the web to decipher the multitude of diets and nutritional plans on your own – just hoping you can implement the changes and with no one to give feedback or answer questions.

Health Check

If your physician or a dietician has prescribed a specific diet, then my role is to support you in total compliance with those goals and directives. If you have serious health issues or haven’t seen a physician for regular check-ups, I recommend you do so, before we begin. While I will not tell you specifically what to eat or not to eat, you will have tons of options and suggestions and templates for creating your own healthy meals; including how to cook them in a healthy way! Most importantly, you will understand the foundations of healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices and the uniqueness of your body and its needs – all of which go beyond calorie counting.

Certified Coaching for Success!

With my coaching certification (PN1) from the industry’s top education program, Precision Nutrition, I am well equipped with a deep understanding of nutrition, the authority to coach it, and the ability to turn this knowledge into life changing results. Coaches trained at Precision Nutrition (PN) are taught to master both the science of nutrition and the art of coaching.

The PN program equipped me with elite coaching methodology and access to a scientifically proven and a validated system tested on nearly 100,000 clients around the world. Renowned coaches have applauded the PN training program as one of the very best of its kind.

Shannon Ware, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach