Let’s Work Together

I have been a busy working woman like you. I have experienced the extra long hours at the office and working overtime to the point of  total mental and physical exhaustion.  When the weekend finally came around, I was taking work home to “relax!” How crazy does this sound? I didn’t even know how to rest and relax. Often, I tried finding comfort in the wrong foods and drinks – which usually made me feel even worse by Monday.

I get it when you are even exhausted from the weekend and feel such dread heading into another cycle of the bad juggling act (again – I think its juggling and not balance at all) at work. It’s a killer cycle and emotionally draining. You know you have to do something to start feeling better because time is just too short NOT to take better care of yourself … but where to start?  There are so many fads and diets and feel good programs out there … it takes too much time to even look them over.

Well, like so many endeavors in life – it helps to find a MENTOR.  I’d like to be in that role for you.

My personal health journey as a corporate executive, business owner, avid traveler, wife and mom was definitely a “juggling act”  I was constantly stressed out, gained weight, slowly felt more and more aches and pains, got all my priorities mixed up and, ultimately saw a real decline in my overall health. After a doctor visit and some test results, I finally knew that it was time for me to take control of my own well being.

My interest in the power of nutrition for optimal health and weight management sprouted when my son, Andrew (a personal trainer) reiterated a popular fitness quote, “Everyone knows Mom, abs are made in the kitchen.” Exercise is very important, no doubt, but for some reason that one statement rang anew in my head. So, for several weeks afterward, I couldn’t read and study enough on healthy recipes, smarter swaps, healthy habits, etc. And soon, I began to change the way I was cooking, I was more aware of ingredients, and I tried to find things I actually enjoyed eating that were nutritious. All of this was a departure from my typical calorie counting, cravings, and severe food restrictions I had tried in the past. After a few small changes, I was noticing results – and most importantly, this time, it seemed less like work – and more like an investment in me.

Ultimately, I decided to get more formal training in nutrition and wanted to be a source of encouragement to working women. My goal is to share with you all that I have learned. And, by the way, we can do this without obsessing over cardio or setting up an address at the local gym.

The growing number of chronic health problems associated with poor nutrition and processed foods are too many to list. Couple this with the many pressures and challenges facing a working woman and it’s all a perfect recipe for high health risks.  There are clearly lots of diets that get results. There are prescription drugs and weight loss supplements that may bring some level of success. I tried them all. Healthy habits and change that becomes second-nature, enjoyable, comfortable, and works with your life, your people, your world – over the long term – that’s what we all really need.  Find a program that encapsulates all that’s implied in A NUTRITIOUS ABUNDANT LIFE and girl – you have found something really good!

Even though you are busy and life is hectic, a great coach and mentor can get you where you want to be. Making healthy changes for an abundant life takes a mind set change. It takes power.  Any comprehensive, long term change requires motivation and the right information … I promise to help you harness both in my programs. And,  I would so honored to be a part of your success!

Take some action for change – live the healthy abundant life starting today!

Shannon Ware, Founder of Salt & Light Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching

I look forward to getting to know you and special interests you have.  Here are some quick facts about me and my life.

  1. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and saved by His Grace
  2. I love my blended family and feel blessed.
  3. I really enjoy cooking
  4. I have visited over 30 different countries, however, Kentucky will always be my home
  5. I do like to escape the cold Kentucky winters, so the beach is my favorite getaway – its the closest place to heaven. IMO.
  6. I love collecting designer sunglasses – I’m a total nut for them!
  7. My dog, Biscuit, is the sweetest dog in the world

May you always be blessed and healthy,

“You are the salt of the earth… the light of the world… let your light shine before others.”
Matthew 5:13-16