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“I’m a super busy career mom and my job demands a lot of travel.  Shannon’s approach is ideal for strategies to keep my health at the top of my mind.  She is supportive and gives solutions that are easy to implement and add up to results!” Sheila V. “As a small business owner, I’m busy.  Between meetings, projects, and events etc., I don’t have a predictable schedule and this makes it challenging to eat the right foods. Shannon listens to my needs and helps me implement small changes in my diet that make a real impact.  The best part is when I’m having a ‘stressed-out, gotta have chocolate kinda day’, I know she is just a text or phone call away!” Lindsey C.

Dear Working Woman  –   Are you wondering why you just can’t get the motivation to lose the weight?  Are you giving everything you have to work with no energy left for yourself? Do you feel like you are aging way too quickly  and wonder if all your best years are behind you? Ever question where the contentment is in all of your success?

Well, what if there were healthy lifestyle changes and a new mindset that could help you shed all the “weight” in life and all the “junk” that brings you down?  No longer derailed by circumstances, no longer overwhelmed, you can take specific action today to make the transformation you envision for your life!  

Shannon Ware, Founder of Salt & Light Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching

My name is Shannon Ware, and If your issue is about taking that same drive and focus that you reserve for the job (and everyone else) and finally putting it to work for your own good health and build stamina for your very best years ahead, then my programs are perfect for you!

A NUTRITIOUS ABUNDANT LIFE is possible with a holistic approach  to your entire person.  My passion is to deliver transformations that bring lasting improvements to your quality of life and to dive in to your best nutrition and health to find contentment and joy – both at home and at work!  If you are exhausted all the time, struggling to lose weight to improve your health or if you can’t sleep or deal with the stress of the career and your health is suffering, or if you often wonder about your purpose and what all the work and stress is even about  – then my coaching programs can definitely help you.  I am a Certified Nutrition Coach and a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist, and more importantly, I’m passionate about good nutrition and well being and in helping you stay motivated, energized, and fulfilled – while you continue to be a productive professional.   I know I’m not ever going back to the lack of focus, bad health habits, and the joke of the “work/life balance” – which – kept me enslaved to extra weight, poor health, robbed me of contentment, and just plain made me feel terrible.   I wish I knew years earlier in my career what I know now – and that’s what I’m committed to share with you!

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What I Can Do For You

I am excited to bring you a wealth of resources that “map out” how to arrive at your transformation to a nutritious and abundant life! Check out the coaching programs and courses available to keep you on track, motivated, accountable and getting results!

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